Matias Creimer
   M.Arch II, UCLA '96
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Selected Projects

Matias Creimer is a Los Angeles based architecture designer and professor of architecture.

He has over 14 years of experience working for architecture design firms including his own studio. He has worked extensively on projects that range from single family homes to billion dollar, mixed-use developments in the US and abroad.

He's currently running his own office in LA and teaching architecture studios at Otis College of Art and Design.

Project Description Date  
House in Encino,

This project is currently under construction.
It is a 1,000 S.F. remodel and addition to a 1940's bungalow.
The scope of work includes a new sun room, a wooden deck, landscaping and an outdoor kitchen.

Jul. 2010
Alraha Gardens
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Alraha Gardens is a project I worked on as Project Designer at 5+Design in Hollywood.
It is a mixed-use development with retail and entertainment districts, and multi-family housing. It has a total of 1,200 residential units with amenities, parking, theaters and a shopping mall.
It was conceived as an alternative lifestyle and commercial destination within the Abu Dhabi region.
I was in charge of 6 midrise towers (6 to 14 stories).


Feb. 2008

La Plaza Mall
Ensenada, Mexico
La Plaza is a project I developed with Eduardo Cespedes and Sergio Zeballos at the Jerde Partnership in Venice, Ca.
It is a 10,000 m2 retail center with a 4,400 m2 Multiplex cinema located on the Southern end of Ensenada in Baja California, Mexico. It consists of an outdoor retail street and a centralized Plaza with easy parking accessible through the front and back of the property.
The projectís strategy is to capitalize on the pedestrian flow already existing in the area while proposing a destination for anyone approaching the site by car.
Oct. 2008
City Santa Fe
Mexico City,
City Santa Fe is a mixed use project that I worked on at the Jerde Partnership with John Simones and Ryan Deyonker.
It is a collection of 10 residential towers connected by a podium of retail.
The project features a 4 Seasons Hotel and a 4-plex theater, as well as bars and upscale restaurants for residents and visitors.
July 2008
Whole House WHOLE HOUSE is a prefabricated housing system designed to minimize cost and maximize flexibility.
The modules are designed to be fully assembled in factory with minimum installation required.
The plans are a version of the 'existence minimum' residential housing formula, and the volumes are animated with colors, windows and minor indentations on the facade.
March 2007
Warner Center This is a project I worked on as Project Designer while at Nadel Architects in Los Angeles. It is a residential development with 750 units, parking and amenities.
Nov. 2006
Dockable Dwelling

DOCKABLE DWELLING is a factory assembled modular system designed to build houses with minimum on-site work.
It is a modular kit of parts based on NASAís approach to space station modular docking.
Variation is achieved through different combinations of a limited but expandable amount of modules types.
The project won the Home House Project competition organized by the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Arts.


Jan. 2003
House in Venice Beach

This is a house on Howland Canal, in the historic neighborhood of Abbott Kinney’s “Venice of America".
The program is divided in two and arranged in two separate blocks connected by a bridge.


Jun. 2002
House in Newport Beach

This is the second I house I designed for Abramson Architects in the late nineties. It sits on a beach front lot in Newport Beach, CA.

Jun. 1999
House in Westwood

This is a house I designed while consulting for Abramson Architects in Culver City. It is an extensive remodel of an older bungalow.
The original plan is based on a 9 square grid and we brought natural light to the central module by creating a 2 story atrium with a massive skylight on top.

May. 1998
Selected Student Work
School Description Date  
Pasadena City

These structures are from the second time I taugh the same class at PCC.
I asked my students to follow the same rules as the previous class (see below) but I asked them to arrange them in line and coordinate their efforts with their neighboring teams to ensure the whole array read as one entity.
The work was published in JAE in Nov '06 and later in a book by Lukas Freireiss called SPACECRAFT.


Spring 2004
Pasadena City
This is the work produced in a class that I taught at PCC on Materials and Methods. The students were required to work in groups of 3 to design and build a wooden structure that reflected the content of the lectures.
I encouraged them to build whatever they wanted but build it according to Type V framing standards.
The work was published in JAE in Nov '06.

Fall 2003

Selected Publications
Media Author Date  
and Hideouts

Book by Lukas Feireiss and Robert Klanten
Project: PCC students work

Click here for a link to the book

Oct. 2007
Bob Magazine,
Article by Lee Hae Rin
Project: Dockable Dwelling
Feb. 2007
Journal of
Paper: “Joint Maneuvers: Diversity as an asset in a Community College exercise”, author.

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Nov. 2006
Maison Figaro,
Article by Memos Philippidis
Project: Dockable Dwelling
Jan. 2006
Max Article: Wohn Mobil, Alain Bieber
Project: Dockable Dwelling
Nov. 2005
Best Designed
Modular Houses
Book by Martin Nicholas Kunz, Michelle Galindo
Project: Dockable Dwelling
Oct. 2005
Clear Article: The new mobility, by Jennifer Andrews
Project: Dockable Dwelling
Jan. 2005
Home House
Book edited by David Brown with essays by Michael Sorkin, Ben Nicholson and Steve Badanes
Project: Dockable Dwelling
Nov. 2004
Black Book Article: Goin' Mobile, by Jordan Heller
Project: Dockable Dwelling
June 2004
Love your Home Book by Tamsin Blanchard and Tom Dixon
Project: Dockable Dwelling
June 2004
Elle Decor, Italy Article: Neonomadi, by Franco Marchesi
Project: Dockable Dwelling
May 2004
Hauser Article
Project: Dockable Dwelling
March 2004
Move House Book by Sean Topham, Prestel
Project: Dockable Dwelling
May 2004
Abitare Article: Nomadismo, by Barbara Ducote/ Alberto Saibene
Project: Dockable Dwelling
Nov. 2003

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